Due to the growth within Flowcomm, there is a demand for reinforcement. In the sales office you will find our specialists who can tell you all the ins and outs about our products and/or services, such as logistics and back office, various pumps, heat exchangers and valves.


After an internal training program of about a month and a visit to our suppliers based in Italy, you will become part of the passionate sales team. All top performers who have been in the field for years and can tell you all the ins and outs of our products with enthusiasm.


As an internal sales representative you have an affinity with sales and trade, you are social, enthusiastic and administratively strong. You work independently, but sometimes also in joint projects with your sales colleagues.

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Company: Flowcomm

Hours: 40

Education: MBO, HBO, WO


You are solution-oriented, practical, creative, independent and naturally positive;

Several years of sales experience;

HBO work and/or thinking level;

Affinity with technology and good (technical) learning ability;

Commercial insight; with your knowledge and insight you recognize sales opportunities flawlessly and you know how to speak to the customer in the right way to close the order;

You have excellent communication skills and a good command of the Dutch and English language;

You work meticulously and keep up-to-date with the administration;

Good entrepreneurship starts with good employership

This is partly the foundation to which Flowcomm owes its success. Because involvement and dedication not only ensure a pleasant working atmosphere, organization and individual; but also allows you to grow to your full potential.


Of course, everyone values different conditions. This can be in the field of earnings, days off, study or career opportunities. Everyone has different intrinsic motivation and wants to achieve different goals in the long run. A lot is negotiable, we are happy to discuss it with you. We are convinced that when an employee acts from her or his own strength, this also results in common gain.


If you can't share, you can't multiply.


Flexible hours and able to work from home. If you do not yet have a set-up for your workplace at home, Flowcomm will arrange this for you first;

A good salary with holiday pay and a 13th month at the end of the year;

The possibility for a company car;

At least 30 days off per year based on full-time employment (more is negotiable);

A non-contributory pension;

MacBook and iPhone of the case;

The possibility for training and self-study;

Business trips with customers and prospects to our suppliers located in Italy;

Driven colleagues;

A friendly atmosphere among themselves; Do you challenge your colleague to a game of darts in the beautifully renovated building in the cozy Breda


Sustainable working method

Reliable products & services

Service from A to Z

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